Why Fitbaw Weekly?

Well like most football fanatics I often find myself attempting to read every headline, watch every YouTube clip, listen to every podcast, check my fantasy starting XI, go to training, visit the family and still have time to go watch some real action. That being said, the Fitbaw Weekly provides you with a quick fire, compact and informed review of the football week.

We discuss the big games, the transfer news, the harrowing defeat, the sought-after success and everything else in between.

Within all that hopefully we make a few jokes, raise a smile and allow the reader the space and tranquility needed to abide by and praise the football gods. For without them I shall never get my coupon up on a Saturday *bows head and chants You’re Not Singing Anymore!*

I know I’ve written we, but this really is a one woman operation. They call me the wee yin. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m Scottish, a supporter of the mighty Glasgow Celtic (The Champions), and a bit of an Indiana Jones about all things fitba’ related.

For those of you visiting from other shores, Fitba’ means Football in the good auld Scottish language but in Glasgow we pronounce it as ‘FitBAW‘ hence the title. Also, if you are visiting from across the sea or the border, Welcome Welcome!

But anyway, this is simply a labour of love for me and hopefully something that you will also enjoy. If you do find you are taken by my weekly analysis then please follow the page by clicking the “Follow” button on the left hand side.

To access the main content of the page, please click on the text that says “Blog” to the left of the screen. If you wish to contact us (me), you can do so by filling in the contact form also available on the left hand side.

Enjoy! Keep fighting the good fight, and remember, always play til’ the whistle.